About Us

We are a group of passionate 4×4 enthusiasts who dedicate their own time and resources to provide desperately needed support and services to communities in need which are inaccessible by road.

About 4x4 Relief Malaysia

Inhospitable Environs

We provide support to the most inaccessible Orang Asli villages in Malayisa, going where no other NGO can go.

Dedicated Volunteers

We are 100% volunteer based both on the ground in the villages, and in our back office. Every ringgit donated goes direct to our works.

Generous Donors

All of the foodstuffs and supplies that we distribute are gifted by generous donours including MNCs, other NGOs and individuals.


Our works are focused on sustainability and making the villages we help self sufficient for many years into the future.


About 4x4 Relief Malaysia

Disaster Relief

In times of crises like flood, fire, landslide or other disasters, we are swift to mobilise our volunteers to provide relief of food, shelters, medicine and social missions for Orang Asli. We help to restart their lives by providing temporary accommodations and then rebuilding their homeland to provide stability and security in life.

Our History

Our journey was kickstarted during the Kelantan Flood 2014, we were called to support the operation on the ground to provide tents for the volunteers and building cabin homes and solar lightsm and providing medical aids for the flood victims in Manik Urai, Kuala Krai, Kampung Miak, Kampung Pahi, Kampung Tengah. Since then, we have been visiting a few Orang Asli kampung in Kelantan mainly to delivery monthly food supplies, expecially to those remote kampungs only accessible by 4×4 vehicles.

Our Members

We have 300 over active Golden Heart members with 200 4×4 vehicles. In addition, we also build homes for hardcore poor families. We use our professional skills, expertise to help other who needed.


We can work with any other NGO. So far, we have collaborated SALAM Specialist Hospital, JAKOA, COAC, Epic Homes, ECM Libra Foundation, 4×4 Tanah Merah Team, PERMA, PJPM, Land Rovers Owner’s Club Malaysia, Rise Against Hunger…etc in past missions.

We welcome other NGOs and volunteers to join us for future missions.

Our Partners

Without each and everyone of our partners, we could not do what we do.