Relief. Rebuild. Restart.

We are a 100% volunteer-run, not-for-profit NGO; a group of passionate 4×4  enthusiasts who dedicate their own time and resources to provide desperately needed support and services to communities in need which are inaccessible by road. In times of crises like flood, fire, landslide or other disasters, we are swift to mobilise our volunteers to provide relief of food, shelters, medicine and social missions for the Orang Asli.

Food & Supplies

We provide basic food stuffs and supplies to hundreds of Orang Asli families around Malaysia every year. All distributed products are donations from other organisations or individuals.


Over the past ten years we have built homes, toilets, community centres, schools and medical facilities to increase the quality of life of Orang Asli villages around the county.

Medical Services

We provide medication and equipment to Orang Asli villages, and provide 4×4 transportation for doctors to the most inaccessible of villages. We also build medical centres in the villages in which the doctors can work.

Our Partners

Without each and everyone of our partners, we could not do what we do.


How Can I Help?


Our works are only possible with the generous contributions of our sponsors.

Our sponsors provide contributions in cash or kind with 100% of all donations directly beneifiting the communities we support.

All of ours works are completed by volunteers, even our back office and support functions.


Our volunteers come from all walks of life and are involved in all aspects of our operations.

Whether you have a 4×4 or not, we want you!

We need doctors and medical professionals, architects and builders, engineers and handymen, webmasters and marketers, co-ordinators and planners, packer and sorters… the list goes on.


Kampung Tewowoh: 1-7 November 2021

Between the 1st and 7th of November 2021, 22 trucks and approximately 65 volunteers descended upon Kampung Tewowoh, just outside the Endau Rompin national park.

Across the seven days, our team built 4 community toilets, a medical clinic, improved water supply to the village, installed solar lighting, distributed close to 14.5 tonne of food to over 550 families in four surrounding villages, and deposited supplies in local storage to support them through the flood season.

The purpose built container clinic is the first of its kind and will serve as home to visiting volunteer doctors from our network as well as doctors from JAKOA, and as a first aid base for the villagers themselves.

Thanks to our friends from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Edwards Lifesciences and Rise Against Hunger for their generous donations that enabled us to feed so many, and to X3SI for the donation of medical furniture, equipment and supplies.



Following recent changes in SOP, members of 4×4 Relief Malaysia attended a training camp in KKB to receive training and certification in Austere First Aid, to allow us to provide better medical support in our disaster response and humanitarian works.

Thanks to X3SI for sponsoring the training, Datuk Wong for hosting us, the team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and of course all members for their continued dedication to our work.


COVID-19 Relief​

4×4 Relief Malaysia initiated Covid 19 Project the same day when MCO took effect. We have received many calls from government agencies, hospitals, Bomba and front liner police and army on duty, requested personal protective equipment (PPE). We distributed face mask, face shields, surgical gloves, head cover, ibigay suits, apron & sanitizer. 


Completed Missions

Kg SUDAK Mission to a Jahai Village in Lower Belum, Gerik, Perak

31 Aug – 3 Sep 2023

From 31 August to 3 September 2023, 4×4 Relief Malaysia conducted a charity
mission to a Jahai village in Lower Belum, Gerik, Perak.

OA Tour 12

3 July 2021


On July 3, our local members, based in the Cameron Highlands, delivered much needed supplies to Pos ber in support of the communities at Pos Ber, Kg Kerbok, Kg Chedau, Kg Kensau and Kg Marik. The effort provided the basic food & hygiene needs of 105 families.

Kembara Amal 4, Kelantan​

30 DECEMBER 2020 – 3 JANUARY 2021


In July 2020, during Kembara Amal 2, with more than 25 units 4×4 vehicles we entering Pos Bering, Kelantan. Just in 3days/2 nights, we managed to build a 6 toilet/bathrooms, installed solar light for all 30 over houses, set up a temporary classroom, provided medication checkup, distributed food, clothes & hygiene kits to all the OA Temiar families.


16 April – 18 April 2021

Food Distribution

September 2020

Distribution food rations sponsored by ECM Libra Foundation & Rise Against Hunger to Kampung Wira Damai, Kampung Kuang, Kampung Chaler & Gawai,  Pos Bering and Simpor Blockage Coordinated by 4×4 Relief Malaysia’s Golden Hearts.

Triple Mission

25 April – 27 April 2020

A journey of 1700km to complete our mission, involving 7 Trucks. 3 teams delivered the food, soap, face mask, sanitizer to Ketua Isi Rumah (KIR) Orang Asli, Hospital, Klinik & IPD … about 30+ locations.


Budu House

28 August – 31 August 2020

28-31 Aug 2020, 4×4 Relief team, collaborated with few NGOs & volunteers. together we completed build a house for Pak Razak & Kak Jah at Kampung Budu with 4 days.

Kampung Gerachi Jaya

25 April – 27 April 2020

We distributed food rations sponsored by ECM Libra Foundation, supported 89 families of Temuan Orang Asli brothers & sisters at Kampung Gerachi Jaya, Selangor and families at Kampung Kaloi, Kelantan.

Kembara Amal 2

28 August – 31 August 2020

Pos Bering, Kelantan, main project of build a toilet.

Orang Asli Tour 3

25 April – 27 April 2020

In collaboration with PERMA, a sponsors of the Hygiene Kits and volunteers from Epic Homes

Anti COVID-19

28 August – 31 August 2020

4×4 Relief Malaysia initiated Covid 19 Project the same day when MCO took effect.

Kelantan Flood Relief


“Bantuan Banjir by EcoWorld and 4×4 Relief Malaysia”Floods affected many places in Malaysia from 15 December 2014 – 3 January 2015.It has been described as the worst floods in decades.